How Dangerous Are Smelly Drains For Your House?

How Dangerous Are Smelly Drains For Your House?

Foul-smelling drains are common across residential and commercial buildings. If you have been smelling something weird from the drains, then consider checking it to see if it is because of blocked Maidstone. However, it might be confusing if you can’t find dead animals, garbage or spoiled food inside. But what is the reason behind smelly drains? Well, it might be the sewer gas that you are smelling.

Sewer Gas And What Is It?

Sewer gas refers to the byproduct of produced gases during the breakdown of natural human waste. Anaerobic bacteria’s action typically has sewer gas. Anaerobic bacteria are bacteria that don’t demand oxygen in sewage and sludge. The bacteria is composed of the following inorganic gases:

  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Nitrogen
  • Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Methane
  • Ammonia

What Is The Reason Behind Foul Sewer Smell?

The sewer smell of rotten eggs is because of hydrogen sulfide’s presence. The gas might not have ammonia, but only in the rarest scenario. It is the primary reason. Most of the elements present in the sewer gas don’t have an odour. Humans can smell hydrogen sulfide if the concentration varies between .001 and 0.01 parts per second.

What Is The Production Procedure For Hydrogen Sulfide?

The sulfate radical is reduced to hydrogen sulfide and water when the drain doesn’t contain oxidants or oxygen. New wastewater, as per research, produces hydrogen sulfide within two-three days. Most often or not, the procedure occurs via a wastewater treatment plan. There are specific environments where H2S production can happen in the sewer.

How Harmful Is Sewer Smell?

Hydrogen sulfide becomes harmful to humans in high concentrations. Because of hydrogen sulfide’s low concentration in houses, they don’t harm humans. Sewer gas becomes dangerous in rare situations. And while some researchers suggest that hydrogen sulfide comes with a depressant effect but only above 150 per million concentrations. Sewers are not capable of hydrogen sulfide production. But while sewer isn’t deadly, it can be unbearable and unpleasant.

Why Am I Smelling Sewer Gas Inside The House?

A plumbing issue is why one smells sewer gas inside your building. Most often or not, it is because of blocked drains Maidstone in the basement or utility room. Despite being uncommon, it leaked sewer gas inside your building because a dry trap is present in the drain line. The trap seal breaks upon water’s evaporation. A damaged or cracked trap that doesn’t trap water also loses the trap seal, which in turn enables sewer gas leakage.

Sewer gas leakage also happens when the drain lining between the main sewer and trap is cracked or broken because there isn’t anything stopping it from leaking via these cracks. In various cases, a broken drain lets the wastewater into the crawlspace and basement under your house. This is another reason why your home smells of the gutter.

The most effective way to prevent sewer gas is by identifying plumbing concerns and getting it repaired by a plumber. It is always a brilliant decision to leave the genuine smelly drain concern to a licensed plumber.