Different Ways of Preserving Flowers

Different Ways of Preserving Flowers

What’s more pleasing than a beautiful bouquet of flowers… and what’s more disappointing than seeing them wilt too quickly? On many occasions, people may want to keep flowers and prolong the pleasure of the special occasion: birth, graduation party, wedding, etc.

Despite popular beliefs that flowers by nature have a short life, they can keep their appearance for more than a week, as compared to only a few days without proper care. You don’t need to have a green hand to enjoy fresh flowers for as long as possible. A few simple steps are all it takes to ensure that your floral bouquet will last a few days with its color and charm in your home decor.


How to care for your flowers

If you cut your own flowers, the first thing to consider is the timing. If it is hot, for example at the end of a long summer day, it is not advisable to cut the flowers. Instead, choose the morning hours, when the houseplants have regained their strength and, above all, their hydration.

Watering is the first element to watch out for in order to preserve your cut flowers. Your flowers and plants must be well hydrated and watered. With some exceptions, such as tulips and daffodils that require little water, many varieties need a vase at least halfway up their stems. These can be trimmed back 2 cm with scissors for better water absorption by the flower. You can spray the leaves and flowers with a spray bottle, but make sure they do not get soaked in the water of the vase. Also, remove the dead flowers. Indeed, one of the main enemies of your flowers to be preserved is mold that can ruin the water. It is best to change the water in the vase every day, for example in the case of roses, or every other day to make sure you don’t expose the flowers to bad water. Lukewarm water is better for your flowers than cool water.

The other main consideration is exposure to sunlight and heat. If you want to maintain the color of your flowers as much as possible, you must avoid too much sunlight. Especially since the sun’s rays, in prolonged and direct exposure, will eventually degrade the flower petals themselves. Avoid excessive sunlight and high temperatures: be careful with the location you choose for your flower bouquet, and avoid heat sources like heating devices, which can also damage your beautiful bouquet.

Finally, another simple method that can help you keep your flowers in the best condition and for as long as possible: make sure you use the nourishing solution packets that your florist sometimes provides with the bouquet. It is a valuable asset that contains all the elements that are most beneficial to the longevity of your flowers.

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