5 Things Landscaping Businesses Could Benefit From

5 Things Landscaping Businesses Could Benefit From

Do you own a landscape business? Perhaps you are in the process of getting one up and running? Either way, here are five things landscaping businesses could benefit from.

1. Access to invoice finance

When listing the biggest issues that landscape businesses face – particularly when trying to receive payment for work completed for other companies – there’s one problem that is always near the top of the list: cash flow. Typically, many landscaping companies sell their services to other businesses across various sectors. However, even respectable companies sometimes aren’t quick to send payment for your work, either due to having a lack of funds or being too busy and not prioritising paying you for the service you have provided.

Of course, your company always needs access to working capital – but customers with unpaid invoices are not immediately concerned about your situation as they are often too busy running their own companies and worrying about their cash flow.

So, what can you do to mitigate the issues caused by late payments from other businesses that used your services? One recommended solution is to utilise invoice financing. This funding service allows you to immediately release money that is tied up in your outstanding invoices.

While the financier will typically take a small percentage of the invoice’s value in return for this service, this is worth it to alleviate cash flow troubles. It ensures you are able to pay for supplies, cover employee wages, etc., and complete projects on time and to a high standard

For more information, this invoice finance guide covers everything you need to know.

2. Google Business Profile

An online listing for your landscaping business is a no-brainer, and the best directory is undoubtedly Google Business Profile. Creating a free GBP can ensure your company shows up in relevant Google search queries.

This is particularly important when it comes to local search engine optimisation (SEO). Local SEO is one of the primary ways your business is found by prospective clients, and GBP is a cornerstone of this marketing tactic.

Search Engine Journal has a guide on how to optimise your GBP listing for local SEO.

3. Strong branding

A strong brand is always a surefire way to attract new customers. Even something as simple as an eye-catching logo can make all the difference in someone selecting your landscaping business rather than a competitor.

Of course, strong branding isn’t simply about visuals. A slick and responsive website, an active social media presence, and supplying excellent customer service all play a role in taking your branding strategy to the next level.

4. Customer reviews

Extending on from the previous point, it’s no secret how important customer reviews are for service-based businesses. They serve as social proof that your company can deliver what it promises.

Due to this, you should encourage customers to leave online reviews. Simply give them a little nudge by telling them how much a review could help your company.

5. Condense your service area

Admittedly, this might seem counterintuitive when a business is looking to grow. However, shrinking down your service area is a savvy – and necessary – step to take towards this goal.

Why? Well, if your business is constantly on the road, going up and down the country for clients, this leaves less time to actually perform your landscaping duties. Fewer work hours = less money in your pocket.

By condensing your service area and sticking to a set travel distance, you won’t be travelling as much. This does lower your potential customer market, admittedly, but the time and money it saves you is more than worth the trade.